The Legend of HOSS is a story that’s worthy of being told. It’s a real and relatable story about overcoming great odds and obstacles, while doggedly pursing innovation. It’s a story about outliers and trailblazers who never settled for “good enough.” Rugged souls who passionately held true to their commitment to truly serve their customers, come hell or high water.

The Legend of HOSS lives on to this day. It’s written by the tireless men and women of HOSS who proudly embrace their heritage, yet remain unsatisfied to rest on yesterday’s accomplishments. And it’s written by our customers, who attest to the facts of the Legend every day. To them, we tip our hats. And for anyone who had a dream to be the very best in their field, this story is for you.

small company values, big commitment to serve

Blood, sweat, tears. Experience earned and lessons learned. The Legend of Hoss was born on a small family farm in Hulbert, OK. And in the dusty sands of Iraq. And during service station runs to stranded travelers in the middle of the night. Continuous improvement, old-school grit, and incredible service are characteristics that were ingrained within the DNA of HOSS from the very beginning. And they continue to live on today. Armed with a clear purpose and passion to innovate, HOSS was founded on a simple, yet incredibly disruptive idea; To build a horizontal pump that worked better and lasted longer.

Our mission, to build the best horizontal pump hands down
  • A pump that carried three times the load of the average pump, yet required fewer parts and lower horsepower.
  • A pump that was reliable as the day is long, and more efficient.
  • A pump that would go the distance, and then some.
  • A pump we could stand behind, and proudly hang our hat on.
The best horizontal pump warranty you will never need
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That commitment to excellence beyond the status quo – along with our singular focus on building the best horizontal pumps in the industry – is alive and well at HOSS to this day. (Just like the majority of our pumps). In fact, we know that at least one HOSS Pump System has been fully operational in the field for more than 14 years. No one else can say that, because no one else can build a HOSS pump.

Today, HOSS continues to push boundaries, raise bars, and pursue excellence across every aspect of our customer’s business.

Legendary performance, legendary reliability, legendary service

Our best-in-class pump run time coupled with our decades of engineering and field expertise gives our customers the confidence they need to get the job done right, the first time. Every time.


HOSS’s patented thrust chamber technology allows our robust pumps to run cooler, produce the lowest vibration, and operate more efficiently than anything else available in the industry. And that simply translates to more run time — and less headaches — for our customers.


Our personal consultants provide our customers decades of knowledge, expertise, and insight on the front end, to ensure their HOSS pump system is optimized for the job at hand. And where they want to be 5 years down the road. Because that’s what good business partners, who bring a strategic and holistic mindset to the table, do. And after the sale, our customers enjoy 24/7 on demand field service and support whenever they need it.