To design and manufacture the most reliable and technically-advanced horizontal pump systems, and to provide responsive, industry-leading service and support.
At HOSS Pump Systems, we stand confidently behind our commitment to our customers and to ourselves. Here’s how HOSS is leading the way:

Legendary performance, legendary reliability, legendary service

Our best-in-class pump run time coupled with our decades of engineering and field expertise gives our customers the confidence they need to get the job done right, the first time. Every time.


HOSS’s patented thrust chamber technology allows our robust pumps to run cooler, produce the lowest vibration, and operate more efficiently than anything else available in the industry. And that simply translates to more run time — and less headaches — for our customers.


Our personal consultants provide our customers decades of knowledge, expertise, and insight on the front end, to ensure their HOSS pump system is optimized for the job at hand. And where they want to be 5 years down the road. Because that’s what good business partners, who bring a strategic and wholistic mindset to the table, do. And after the sale, our customers enjoy 24/7 on demand field service and support whenever they need it.

James Gardner

VP Engineering & Technology

The idea for the horizontal pump redesign didn’t come to James Gardner all at once. It came from the accumulation of a million different insights from thousands of differing experiences. Gathered all together, however, his life was building the perfect blueprint to revolutionize the oil industry with a patented system that does far more with far less.

Still, today, no other competitor on the market knows how he does it.


Thomas Cole

VP Sales and Service

Thomas Cole remembers when service stations sold service, not just fuel. As a kid, going to fill up your tank was an experience, not a chore. You pulled in, sat back, and enjoyed the pampering. Service attendants, dressed in crisp uniforms, came to your door. They filled your tank, washed your windows, checked the pressure in your tires and topped it off, if needed.

Then came the best part, Cole said. The attendant would return with a baseball card or a yoyo or a toy, some kind of goodie, for any children in the car.


Kevin Bierig


Kevin Bierig didn’t dream of being an astronaut one day, but he did dream about working on the equipment that rocketed them to space. His uncle, an aeronautical engineer for McDonnell Douglas who worked on the Space Shuttle, told him all about.

The ingenuity, the mechanics, the challenges, the innovation, he loved it all. It was why he built toy models and took machines apart to study how all the pieces worked companionably, collectively, conjointly, together.

Mechanics, at its core, is a community of vastly different pieces working together to complete a common task or achieve a common goal. That became all-too-real in the dusty sands of Iraq.