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The Supporting Cast: How to Make a Horizontal Pump + Ancillary Equipment = A Pumping System

At HOSS we frequently discuss what it takes to ensure a successful and reliable pump installation. Horizontal pumps are complex, engineered rotating equipment. They operate with large motors, at high speeds, pumping harsh fluids in challenging ambient conditions. There’s a big difference between the installation requirements of a small single stage centrifugal pump and high pressure horizontal pumps. Reliable operation requires a system design approach, application expertise, and adherence to best practices. A horizontal pump “system” is more than the flange-to-flange skidded pump package. All upstream and downstream factors must…

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Seven Misconceptions about HOSS

As HOSS has grown and evolved, our manufacturing and service capabilities have continued to expand. This has caused some confusion in the marketplace as pump customers see these changes and inquire about the future of HOSS and where we are positioned among horizontal pump manufacturers. The list below should clarify some of the most common misconceptions about HOSS and the truth about our capabilities: 1. HOSS has no service personnel In fact, HOSS has one of the largest service fleets in the United States. We have ten field service technicians…

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Customized vs. Standardized: How to Select the Right Pump for the Job Without Overpaying for a Quick Delivery

One of the rare constants in the domestic oil & gas pump market has been the need for quick deliveries. Upstream and midstream companies in the United States have sprung into action to expand production by building a supply chain focused on rapid delivery and continuous improvement. “Engineer-to-Order” and traditional project management bureaucracies are obsolete in America’s modern oilfield. Our customers have communicated loud and clear: faster is better… except if it’s more expensive. HOSS has grown dramatically in the last two years by offering built-for-purpose pump systems that can…

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retrofit horizontal pump with hoss motor

Retrofits: How to Mix and Match System Components to Escape a Failing Service Provider

Horizontal pumping systems are not governed by API or ANSI classifications (such as API 610). Manufacturers have been completely free to develop their own system designs, without being forced to follow any industry guidelines. This has resulted in true innovation, as evidenced by our HOSS thrust chamber design, but can have consequences when servicing installed equipment. There are many different pump hydraulic designs and a wide variety of dimensional standards offered by the various manufacturers. Certain manufacturers have even produced multiple generations of design standards and product lines during their…

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horizontal pump thrust chamber

Cheap Thrust Chambers and Their Impact on Reliability

In a previous blog post, I wrote about the sad state of the horizontal pump industry and how HOSS is working to change the status quo. I also referenced what I refer to as the “race to the bottom” by our competitors. Many pump providers have focused on reducing cost, which is ultimately reflected in lower reliability. The thrust chamber is the most severely stressed component in any horizontal pumping system. This is the last place a design engineer should try to reduce cost, yet we see many configure their…

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